An Inside Look at Our New 2015 Collection

Shown: Tropical, Chintz, Azulejo, Aztec and Toucan.

At Casana, we believe that great fashion tells a story, and our new 2015 collection fully embraces this belief. Exploring the ethereal intersection of culture, history and nature, each new pattern pays tribute to a place and a poignant moment in time. From the rich, soul-searching culture of ancient Aztecs to the exotic, untouched coastlines of Southeast Asia that our founder Carrie Chen frequented as a child, a story of admiration and intrigue unfolds in each cashmere scarf. With six new intricate patterns and 12 colorways (and plenty of beautiful ways to wear the scarves!), we hope our new collection inspires women everywhere to live boldly and memorably.


Read a little more about the inspiration behind each design:



Azulejo is a centuries-old tile motif that adorns everything from walls of churches and monasteries to palaces, houses, park seats and railway stations throughout Spain and Portugal. They often portray beautiful landscapes, scenes from history or dramatic architecture. Inspired by their classic and cultured detailing, Carrie reinterpreted the traditional characteristics with a decidingly feminine touch.



Paisley, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif originally of Persian descent (and then named after Paisley, a West Scotland town where the textile patterns were produced in the 18th century) is often characterized by colorful and curvy abstract figures. Here, the popular pattern is given a moody color palette and an intricate, refined design.



After much time spent in Nepal, with its large population of Hindus, Carrie was drawn to the Chintz pattern worn by the local Hindi women. The motif originated from India in 16th century, and it is still used for bed covers, quilts and draperies today. Commonly presented as a brightly colored floral pattern on a light background, our version both light and dark backgrounds for a sophisticated interpretation.



For ancient Aztecs, every symbol had a meaning that was connected to a spirit or a message from the past. Carrie chose a rose motif, often denoted as a symbol for life, and set it within vibrant, Southwest-inspired colors to embody the true essence of its meaning. Great for use as a headscarf or draping loosely around your neck, this high-style cashmere scarf is one-of-a-kind and sure to make a chic statement.



The exotic bird and flora pattern is a wearable reminder of nature’s immense and vast beauty, inspired by designer Carrie Chen’s childhood holidays to Southeast Asia. With so many of us cherishing fond memories made during coastal holidays with friends and family, this scarf’s design is highly personal.



Admired by many for its bright and varying beauty, the colorful frangipani flower is used on tropical islands for stringing beautiful, fragrant leis. In modern Polynesian culture, the flower is worn by women to indicate their relationship status—over the right ear if seeking a relationship and over the left if taken. Here, the flower mixes gorgeously amongst ferns and tropical colors in a lightweight wool and modal blend that can be worn effortlessly on a vacation or in everyday life.